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Hyperfree is the ideal solution when the cooling water temperature is required to be above room temperature. All models are easy to install, have low operating and maintenance costs, are built for outdoor installation, with IP54 and galvanised aluminium panels that are epoxy coated. The new generation of Parker Hiross drycoolers is a range of competitive products, which are robust and reliable and offer excellent performance and a unique solution that can be integrated with other components, dedicated to cooling industrial systems. High efficiency fans combine low noise levels with reduced consumption.

The closed water circuit prevents all problems related to cooling towers:

  • water consumption
  • risks of corrosion
  • problems related to legionella
  • dirt
  • clogging
  • costly water treatment

Hyperfree guarantees:

  • enhanced flexibility depending on the environmental and system conditions
  • power consumption always proportional to actual necessity, with no wasted electricity or inefficiencies
  • low operating costs and low power installed
  • quick and easy installation and start-up

Reference applications:

Hyperfree can be used as an option for energy saving purposes, when combined with Hyperchill.

It can cool process water when the room temperature drops below the temperature required by the process.

This reduces the work carried out by the refrigeration compressors, thereby only consuming the power used by the Hyperfree fans, which is equivalent to 1/6 of the electrical power consumed by the Hyperchill compressors. Depending on the average room temperature of the installation, the cooling temperature required and the annual operation hours experienced, energy savings can be achieved, which guarantee system pay-back in less than one year.

Distinguished features of the new Hyperfree range:

  • Modular design, easy to be integrated or updated on existing installations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Efficient and reliable components
  • Excellent heat transfer coefficient
  • Compact design for less space to be taken up
  • High performance-costs ratio
  • Robust construction and solid appearance
  • High quality finish


  • horizontally mounted coil configuration
  • vertically mounted coil configuration
  • compact “V” configuration (HDCV)
  • different levels of noise available upon request