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Sākums Ūdens dzesētāji-Chillers CHILLER LASER



Precision chilled water with non-ferrous hydraulic circuit

Parker Hiross Hyperchill Laser is designed to meet the needs of many applications requiring stable working conditions with maximum quality and cleanliness ofthe process fluid.Compact and reliable machines designed for industrial applications and manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards.Laser marking, cutting and welding are typical industrial processes where the characteristics of Hyperchill Laser are vital to obtain the desired product quality and to optimise the production process.


Product Features:

High consistency

• Non ferrous hydraulic circuit. Stainless steel tank, evaporator, and water pump maintain the quality of the coolant.

• Very precise outlet water temperature control with two hot gas valves (± 0,5°C)

• PID software developed and tested to give the highest temperature consistency even at variable loads.

• High pressure pumps supply constant water flow and pressure to the system


Perfect solution, easy to install and manage

• Hydraulic circuit: storage and filling tank, with evaporator and pump provide a compact solution, easy to use and install.

• Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the vital parameters of the unit and allow special management for specific needs, with remote monitoring available.

• Condensers filters

• Independent condensing plenum

• Full access and easy service design


Low power consumption

• Very low power consumption thanks to oversized condensers and evaporators, and use of compliant scroll compressors (from HLS022 onwards).


High reliability

• Maximum working ambient temperature up to 45°C prevents downtime even under extremely harsh conditions.