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Parker Hiross CHILLERS



Hyperchill Industrial Process Chillers for Precision Cooling


Extremely compact and easy to use, Hyperchill ensures an accurate control of water temperature. Each model is designed for safe and reliable operation in the most varied working conditions, thanks to the modern technical solutions used and the availability of a wide range of accessories and options. Each individualHyperchill unit is extensively tested to guarantee efficient operation and reliability in all working conditions.


Product Features:


Complete solution, easy to install and manage

• Hydraulic circuit: water tank, immersed evaporator, pump with bypass provide a compact and easy to install solution

• Electronic controllers with proprietary software provide access to all the parameters of the units and allow special management for any specific need

• Available with remote monitoring

• Completely configurable with many options and kits to fit many industrial applications needs

• Condenser filters

• Independent condensing plenum

• Full access and easy service design


High reliability and back-up eliminate downtime

• Large water tanks allow minimum compressor cycling and precise temperature control

• Double independent fridge circuits (from ICE076)

• 2 compressors from ICE076 and 4 compressors from ICE150 with automatic rotation

• Double stand-by water pumps available

• Maximum ambient temperature up to 45°C


Lowest energy consumption in the market

• Oversized condensers and evaporators

• Use of compliant scroll compressors (from ICE022)